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Paull Holme Tower, near Hull

Client: Mr Simon Taylor and English Heritage

As part of the Feasibility Study and Options Appraisal for the Paull Holme Tower, Holland Brown Architects were asked to carry out a condition survey of the building by PLB Consulting Ltd, on behalf of Mr Simon Taylor.

The Options Study was made possible through a grant made available to the owner from English Heritage, in part to help aid appropriate work to enable the building’s removal from the Buildings at Risk register.

Our role was to carry out a survey of the building, identify defects in its structure and fabric; to indicate the type and scope of the works necessary to remedy those defects to bring the building back into a good state of repair; to consider emergency repair measures; and to provide a basis to cost those repairs.

Built by Robert Holme in the late 15th century, Paull Holme Tower was originally part of an H-shaped group of buildings forming a fortified manor house. The site includes the remains of a moat that used to surround an earlier manorial complex and the tower itself lies to the north of this area.

The Holme family continued to own the land and tower until the early part of the 20th century but the decline of the tower as the family residence probably started in around 1640 during the English Civil War, when the building suffered damage at the hands of Cromwell's Parliamentary Army. The family ceased to live there after 1678 and by the 19th Century the tower had ceased to be habitable. However, in 1871, Colonel Bryan Holme restored it and converted it into a lookout and gazebo.

The current windows, doorways and remaining plasterwork date from the turn of the 19th Century, but the building has sadly been roofless since the early 20th century. It is currently in a very poor condition.

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